With buy-and-sell agreements, Silvertree assists business owners in ensuring business continuity in the event of a co-owner’s death or disability. We set up a buy-and-sell agreement between co-owners, allowing owners to buy, in the event of the death or disability of one of the parties, the deceased’s business interest at a pre-determined rate. This purchase is funded through life insurance policies.

Contingent liability protection safeguards both business interests and the personal estate of a shareholder who has signed surety for business finance. The business insures the life of the guarantor shareholder and pays the premiums, signing an agreement to undertake to use the proceeds from the policy to settle the outstanding debts, releasing the shareholder’s personal estate of liability. Silvertree oversees the entire process, ensuring that the life cover and disability benefit is equal to the total outstanding debt and makes provisions for estate duty.

Key person protection is vital to safeguard a business against the risk of the death or disability of a crucial member of staff. Silvertree ensures that the business will be compensated for any loss of income arising from such a key person’s death or disability, through an arrangement where the business insures the life of the key employee to absorb losses from disruption to business and from the costs involved in training and recruiting a replacement for the key person.

Silvertree employs a needs-based approach, conducting thorough needs analyses to gain an understanding of the nature of the business’s operations and objectives, and also peruse the shareholder agreement. Then we select suitable providers, get comparative quotes and finally present the client with a solid solution/proposal. Annual reviews are conducted to ensure that the cover on the insured is up-to-date and sufficient.