It starts with an in-depth analysis of a client’s requirements and situation – what is already in place, what the objectives are, the family structure, specific wishes and cash flow and affordability status. A comprehensive report summarising the current situation and taking several scenarios into account is then prepared, together with recommendations on how to update and structure a client’s will to ensure the effective distribution of assets.

This involves planning to reduce costs such as executor fees, company and estate taxes, trusts, and donations and to ensure that the assets are protected from a forced sale by assessing liquidity for estate duty and most importantly, making sure that the beneficiaries will have sufficient income.

A solid relationship between client and financial planner that is built on constant contact, trust, value and interest is crucial to the process. The financial planner conducts annual updates and re-evaluations. Silvertree’s estate planning service also includes assisting with claims on policies and working with executors.