After an in-depth needs analysis of the group and employees' requirements, Silvertree will advise on a suitable vehicle - retirement, provident or risk - and then carefully select the fund and administrators. Only the bigger providers are considered, as Silvertree will never risk investing clients' money in any private funds.

When comparing offerings from providers, Silvertree carefully considers the benefit structures, investment portfolios and percentage splits.

In addition, Silvertree acts as an intermediary and is actively involved in employee engagement, passing on relevant information to empower employees to understand and take responsibility for their cover and investment funds to guarantee value for money and maximum benefits. The division conducts regular staff presentations, training workshops and investor education to provide employees with tips and an overview of how their investment is performing.

Silvertree provides professional financial advice and information on the following:

  • Retirement schemes - a defined scheme that is managed on a group basis, with little employee involvement
  • Retirement annuities - managed on a group basis but each employee has their own retirement annuity within the group fund, this allows them flexibility to benefit from tax advantages and control their investment choices.
  • Risk benefits - a value-add that will release cash to an employer to pay staff in the event of a disability or dread disease claim.

Portfolios are re-evaluated every two years, although Silvertree's financial advisors regularly obtain comparative quotes to check if the elected vehicle is still competitive. In addition, the company constantly vets asset managers and monitors changes in fund administration.