Insuring the life of a person, or against a specified event such as disability or contracting a dread disease

The life assurance industry has changed substantially over the past few years and is constantly evolving. Silvertree recommends all clients and prospective clients seek an independent assessment of their existing life policies, especially as substantial savings could be affected. And, many people ‘outgrow’ their life assurance portfolios as they move into different life stages, each requiring a different and distinct type of cover.

This is why Silvertree financial planners invest their time and effort into developing meaningful relationships with their clients. They walk and work with the client through each of the life stages, removing the fear, stress and doubt.

Our solution

When it comes to advising on life cover and dread disease and disability cover, Silvertree offers financial planning at its best, looking at all the tax and legal implications, comparing varying products and only recommending the very best providers and funds.

The Silvertree difference

We conduct regular reviews on each client’s portfolio and submit recommendations for further consideration.

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